About Us

We are a government-approved NDIS service provider. We offer a complete range of NDIS approved support services.

As an NDIS approved provider we offer integrity, honesty and high quality of service for your needs.

Services we offer:
  • Assisting of personal activities
  • Assisting travel and transport
  • Community nursing and care
  • Assistance in carrying out household tasks
  • Community participation
  • Therapeutic supports
  • Group/Centre activities
  • Respite Care
Our Vision

DMS cares about you both as an individual and as a valued member of society. Our vision is to make life easy and enjoyable for people with disabilities, their carers and families. DMS will be your provider of choice.

Our Mission

We are available to those who need us. Our mission is to provide support services for people with disabilities by offering flexible, high quality of care, effective and individualised support for participants, their carers and families.

Our Values

We offer integrity, respect, love and transparency for all our participants, their carers and families.

What People Say

testimonials from our patients

‘Thankyou for going the extra mile’

David, Carer

‘I love working with DMS and their friendly and professional staff. They really go out of their way in looking after their participants’

Harsha, Support Worker

‘Nourel was awesome today, I had to do ‘hunting’ shopping and pulled her from shop to shop. I love her company and feel very relaxed when I am with her. I love my Nourel days’

Lynda Jane, Participant

David, CarerHarsha, Support WorkerLynda Jane, Participant